Pelf Lucre
                              A Modern Day Pirate

What is Pelf Lucre?
Pelf is Pirate Booty, loot, even ill-gotten gains
Lucre means monetary reward gain; money

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Talk Like A Pirate Day!
September 19, 2011

 Join the Pirate Revolution!

Governments are stealing from you everyday by income taxes, sales taxes, fees, permits, licenses, and they will keep taking more and more until they have everything. YOU cannot stop it alone. But you can become part of the Pirate Revolution. A Modern Day Pirate sails the Internet looking for booty, treasure, wealth, money, riches, and when we find it, we sieze it!

In this New World, we need new approaches to securing prosperity, to find profit in everyday actions and to claim our share of the wealth!

And all of this awaits you in the
 Pirate Revolution!

Simply sign up for the voyage and become part of the Pelf Lucre Pirate crew. Join up, for free. There is no fee the follow the PelfLucre Path to Prosperity. Each step of this voyage sets you on course to wealth and riches. The Pirate Profits you will capture will grow with every voyage you take and every seizure you make.

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Captain Henry Morgan was NOT a pirate, he was a Privateer sailing under Letters of Marque. Everything he did, all his treasure and Pirate Booty, was legal under English Law. And he was very very successful at it.    Free advertising
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